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April 16, 2019

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The Creative Side of Technology #31 - Design, Development & Startup Digest

Patrycja Matuszak-Jastak

In the ever-changing world of design, development and startups, technology trends come and go. What is on the top now? Let's have a quick look at biweekly digest of hot topics.

In the set of articles, videos, podcasts, and e-books you will find information about: 

  • React Native - what makes it a perfect suit for startups?
  • Microservices - is it worth to outsource such projects?
  • Digital Transformation in The Education - we don’t need no (tech in) education'?


Is React Native A Good Choice For Startups?
React Native has provided a powerful alternative even though it’s not like a knight in shining armor for all beginning companies. How can startups take advantage of it?

Is Outsourcing Migration To Microservices Good Idea?
Microservices have made a lot of buzz in software development lately. Why it might be a good idea to do outsource the microservices project?

Lesson (To Be) Learned: Digital Transformation In The Education
Everyone involved in education - leaders, teachers, governments, and scientists are facing a great challenge to provide knowledge which will be relevant, useful and up to date. How can new technologies come up with succor?

How to Measure Your Product [Video]
Suhail Doshi, founder of YC alumnus Mixpanel and a world-class expert on measurement, details how startups should think about discovering the important facts about how their product is used.

Why Good Design Probably Can’t Save The World [Podcast]
Although paying close attention to the experience of users can only be a good thing, are we doing a disservice to UX design by treating it as a buzzword? Will Grant, the author of 101 UX Principles, discuss the importance of UX design.

E-books & Reports  📝

Removing Time-To-Market Barriers for Design and Test Engineers [Report]
In December 2018, Keysight Technologies commissioned Dimensional Research to conduct a survey measuring time-to-market barriers for design and test engineers across the globe. This report focuses on the challenges identified by survey respondents across the entire product development workflow. The results showed that while design and test engineers face many challenges, the most pressing are in the areas of data correlation and software integration. These findings underscore the need for improved data sharing across the workflow with an integrated product development solution.

Expert's Point of View 🔎

''Maintaining effective cooperation in running outsourced IT project requires not only a well-organized process but also some less apparent but crucial factors. Here’s a few of them we find important in our everyday work.'

Outsourcing IT project: How to cooperate remotely and efficiently? | Piotr Byczko
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piotr byczko project manager merixstudioPiotr Byczko

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