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9 Best Practices to implement in REST API development

Although the RESTful style of Application Programming Interface is with us from the year 2000, it does not have any real guidelines or standards of API development. We have six constraints of a RESTful system: Client-server architecture, Statelessness, Cacheability, Layered system, Code on demand and a Uniform interface. But REST is just a design approach and not a framework or standard per se. Now it is easy to imagine that over the years the developers have applied multiple different approaches, and tried a variety of methods for delivering better REST API solutions. Some of them turned out not to be so great, others were adopted and are still widely used. It’s safe to say that over these 18-19 years, the software development community has worked out some key best practices that are either derived from the Roy Fielding’s dissertation or constituted through a trial and error process. Here are the 9 best practices you should consider when preparing the REST API.

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