Best Front-end Development Blogs You Should Follow

Hundreds of posts and articles are published every day. It's a mess and you will go crazy! Reading them all is impossible. Actually, no all of them are worth to read. This is the reason why I've asked Merixstudio's folks for pointing out the best tech blogs about front-end development that are worth reading and following, and we've put together the best sources of news and trends in the web development world. 

I've already published the piece about most influential blogs focused on technology and web development in general. This time I'll dwell on cool front-end sources (the order of the websites is random).


It calls itself a design magazine, but Paul Andrew - the founder of Speckyboy - not only focuses on design resources but also provides useful insights on the latest web technologies. The blog is definitely a great source for staying up-to-day also for Front-end Developers - it offers top-notch posts, tutorials, resources and inspirational content from around the world.

  • #13,699 Alexa global ranking
  • 53,236 Facebook fans
  • 73,400 Twitter followers


If you want to improve your web design and web development arsenal, you have to follow CSS-Tricks run by Internet guru, Chris Coyier. It's a storehouse of web development treasures that will surely upscale the way you present web content. CSS-Tricks mostly focuses on CSS-related topics. The blog provides code snippets, leading-edge articles, videos, training courses, podcasts, and much more.


Codrops can be called one of the newest and fastest growing tutorial sites in the tech industry. Every Front-end Developer and Web Designer can find a lot of useful tutorials and code snippets on codrops. It also covers more general topics of web development and web design. It's run by only two passionate designers - Manoela Ilic and Pedro Botelho. You can be sure that each tutorial is beautifully designed. It's worth to visit this blog to keep learning new hacks and trends.

Todd Motto's blog

Todd is a Developer Advocate at Telerik. Founder of Ultimate Angular, and also a Developer Expert at Google, conference speaker, and open source lover. He is writing quite a bit on Angular and JavaScript in general. His opinionated AngularJS style guide for teams gained great popularity on Reddit and Hacker News. Especially, if you're interested in topics such as Angular and JavaScript, it is a perfect place for you!

It's crucial that you find your own, unique way to be up to date. So read books, magazines, follow people who produce new trends on Twitter, watch videos, attend conferences, speak to others, and create!

 2019 Update 


Pretty fresh item on the list as the blog was set up in November 2018. But it’s definitely worth attention! Mostly because of the author - Dan Abramov, co-creator of Redux. You’ll find here a bunch of really helpful advice about React’s implementation as Dan is focusing on developing React App. But that’s not all. The author is also sharing his broad knowledge in the field of tech talks - how to pick a topic, prepare the presentation and to arouse the public’s interest. And you can trust him - he’s a skillful speaker. The other thing we enjoy in Dan’s style is the honesty and confidence in expressing his opinion. Even though he plays in the top dev league he’s not afraid to admit his knowledge gaps. At the same time, he emphasizes his experience and gives valuable guidance in UI engineering. You can also follow his Twitter as Dan is very active there gaining the attention of 170 thousand users. 

  • #80,937 Alexa global ranking
  • 70,7K Twitter followers (Dan Abramov profile) 

Christian Lüdemann's blog

The blog run by Christian Lüdemann - danish software consultant working with full stack application development. He’s one of not too many programmers on the web who raise the topics of advanced Angular’s implementation. His profound tips and tutorials should satisfy even experienced software developers. What’s more, the blog is full of great insights about improving the efficiency of Angular software teams. Obligatory reading for IT managers and team leaders! 


Angular one more time. Run within Medium platform it’s the biggest and most popular blog about working in the framework. As the name of the blog says it’s the place where advanced Angular concepts are explained. The essential advantage of it is that there are plenty of experts sharing the knowledge there bringing up current topics. They also focus on RxJs, Webpack, TypeScript, FireBase and other solutions simplifying work with Angular. Following this blog can save you a lot of time and stress when you find documentation of particular technologies insufficient. As Max Koretskyi, the founder of Angular-In-Depth mentioned the publications “gives you the opportunity to tap into that unique in-depth knowledge hidden in the sources”. But they are also a great source of Angular news cause the authors stay up to date with all the changes in the framework and elaborate them in detail within new posts. 

  •  #70,006 Alexa global ranking
  • 2479 Twitter followers 


The most cross-sectional blog bringing almost all sorts of JavaScript topics and even more. You’ll find here absorbing articles about trends in software development, data since, design and startups. The way of running the blog is pretty the same as in Angular-In-Depth so it’s placed in Medium and created by the whole team of authors. That provides a wide and multidimensional viewpoint and frequent updates. The blog is just stuffed to the gills with tutorials and step-by-step guides, valuable advice based on personal devs’ experience, best practices, analyses of libraries, technologies, and frameworks. If you haven’t followed it so far - don’t make any plans for the weekend! 

  • # 90,188 Alexa global ranking
  • 719 Twitter followers  
  • 2656 Facebook fans

It's crucial that you find your own, unique way to be up to date. So read books, magazines, follow people who produce new trends on Twitter, watch videos, attend conferences, speak to others, and create! 

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