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Jan. 25, 2019

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5 skills that affect frontend developer’s salary

Luiza Sadowska

Developers on the market are on fire! Those, that have learned how to program and are good at it, are now reaping the fruits of their labor. However, the market need is huge and there are constantly offers for good devs coming up. As in every field, the salary might vary a lot but usually, it is based on the dev’s skill set. What are the must-have and good-to-have skills that guarantee a higher number on the paycheck?

Frontend developer skills

Frontend becomes more and more popular and there are good reasons for that! First of all, it is an inseparable part of the web, thus the market demand is constantly increasing. Secondly, a frontend developer salary is quite satisfying as well as a job on its own, giving space to show both aestheticism and mathematical skills (although work requires less sophisticated math than in some other programming career paths like big data or machine learning). Due to those two reasons, many want to change their career and try their best in frontend web development. For those, who are just beginning, we recommend first to have a look at 7 books which every frontend developer should read, while for more experienced ones we suggest checking the career path page at Merixstudio. Spoiler alert: obviously knowledge of HTML and CSS3 is a no-brainer! Additionally, for a basic salary which varies between 4700 and 6000 PLN (B2B netto) a Junior Frontend developer should know basic JavaScript with jQuery, SCSS syntax, how to create Responsive Web Design, be familiar with Adobe Photoshop and use Git (version control) with ease. By skyrocketing the skill set, also the salary is getting higher - for a Regular Frontend dev it goes up to 10000 PLN! Of course the more you know, the more experience you have, the higher the amount on a paycheck: a Senior Frontend developer can get even 15000 PLN. 

Job for JavaScript developer

JavaScript is a part of front-end but often it is possible to find offers for developers that mastered this particular language and are dealing only with JavaScript during the project. The interactivity of the website is based on it and without JS devs work, we would still be living in an early internet with static HTML sites without anything more than basic formatting. 

JavaScript devs make the magic happen and decide upon the websites interactions while working together with CSS and HTML. However, being a JavaScript developer is not only about the language itself. It is helpful to know Node.js environment and frameworks like React, Angular and Vue. Additionally, a dev who wants to work in JavaScript should be familiar with tools like Webpack or Gulp. The salary range varies depending on the skill set. A junior earns usually up to 6000 PLN per month, while senior gets even 15000 PLN. If you worked already for 1 or 2 years in web development, know Redux in connection with Angular and/or React, playing around with CSS is butter and cake for you and you are up-to-date with latest ECMAScript functionalities, most likely a Regular JavaScript Developer offer at Merixstudio is tailor-made for you. 

Skills which guarantee a better salary for a frontend developer:

  • fluent in English (or at least more than communicative) 

This shouldn’t be a surprise! Frankly, shouldn’t be that difficult for a dev while most of the documentation is written in English. As well searching for an answer at Stack Overflow or similar platform requires a quite good knowledge of this language. On the other hand, even if you are good at reading and understanding it semantically, you might need to work on conversational skills. It is becoming more and more common that developers are taking part in business calls with clients or have to discuss the project with the client’s dev team which often is international. Fluent, or at least, more than communicative English, is a huge plus. 

  • familiar with JS frameworks and libraries

Not only familiar! Knowing React and/or Angular is pretty essential if you want your salary to be higher than basic junior coverage. Looking at the career path for a frontend developer, React/Angular and Redux are advantages worth even few thousand PLN per month (as an addition to basic junior salary). If you add some years of experience and knowledge of Node.js, becoming a senior frontend dev will guarantee you up to 15000 PLN per month. Sounds good, right? 

  • commercial experience in web app development

Working with clients, no matter if in a software house, startup or as a freelancer, is an advantage. There is a huge difference between knowing how to use tools (in general programming knowledge) and using those skills in a commercial project. Building quality apps for clients is demanding, requires a bunch of soft skills like proper communication, teamwork, being able to work with clear deadlines and/or under pressure and so on. Let’s be honest, the best way to learn it is to get things done by actual doing! 

  • familiar, at least a bit, with backend technologies

Especially if you work in a software house and collaborate with other teams on one project, knowing backend technologies and how they should match with your lines of code or influence it, is quite helpful! Of course, as a frontend dev or JavaScript enthusiast, you are working on a client’s side while the backend is focusing on the server-side scripting but in the end, both sides create the final product. 

  • a team player

Most of the time, if working at a software house or interactive agency, a frontend developer will work in a team. In case there are no other front devs, it is still necessary to cooperate with UI and UX designers, client, project manager, SCRUM master, Quality Assurance team and so on. There is a lot of communication that comes into the everyday life of a frontend or JavaScript developer. Delivering a high-quality, usable and satisfying end product is a goal for everyone taking part in the project and proper communication can be the key to do it faster and without much stress. Additionally, considering a Senior developer role, you will be the one in charge of the team - this means, managing and working together with others. A successful project can bring you, in addition to your salary, a cash bonus, at least at Merixstudio. A team player mindset is not only essential but also pays off! 

Investing time in learning new skills is always a good idea

The more you know and can use this knowledge in a commerce project, the better the salary you can expect! With programming jobs, the best thing is that the code speaks for the developer thus it is not that tricky to estimate it. Gaining skills while working on a project in an environment in which you can constantly improve (e.g. financed external training) is a dreamy-like workplace and make the career path smoother to proceed with. Good developers are in demand, so not only the salary is satisfying but also other benefits come with it. No one, working for a company which respects employees, is surprised by a Multisport card, a possibility of remote work and flexible hours, project bonuses, team parties, chillout room, English classes and so on… you name it - at least, we are not surprised in Merixstudio ;) 

If you would like to gain some of the skills we listed or raise them - join Merixstudio's team! We're looking for Frontend developers to hire, check out our job offers


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