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March 4, 2019

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5 reasons why February was a great month for our software house

Aleksandra Przybylska

February, without a doubt, was quite nice. Apart from the Valentine’s Day and our special way to celebrate it, we also did something with a bit of an artistic flare for Fat Thursday! But, on a more important note, we also met plenty of you guys. What hides behind this not-so-descriptive introduction? Read on and find out!

Software developers become real estate developers

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Did you think we forgot about Valentine’s Day? Well, think again! 😏 This year, apart from our traditional Valentine’s Day mail💌, we decided to chip in and make huts for homeless cats from @fdzanimalia!😻 With the invaluable help of Paweł from @zaklad_makerspace we were able to create five wooden huts🏠 that will house plenty of cats for many years to come! So not only we had plenty of fun making something with our own hands, we also were able to help those in need. And that’s what Valentine’s Day should be all about!❤️ . . . #valentines #valentinesday #sharethelove #loveislove #charity #fundraiser #happy #cat #cathut #homelesscat #zakladmarketplace #diy #adoptdontshop #officevalentines #webdeveloper #webdev #design #programming #programmer #developer #webdesigner #designer #websitedesign #programmerslife:computer: #programmerslife #coding #code #python #reactjs #development

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You may remember that last year we decided to spread some love for Valentine’s Day and made an internal fundraiser for the Ozorek animal shelter. This year, to mix things up a little bit, we worked with Animalia Foundation to help cats they take care of! And, to be specific, we wanted to build long-lasting, wooden huts for homeless felines

To make our dreams a reality we pitched in the money needed to cover the cost and collaborated with Zakład, Poznań’s awesome DIY initiative, where with the very needed help of Paweł (who, unlike us, knew what he was doing) we scrubbed, hammered, painted, and assembled five wooden huts that will house cats for years to come! And from what we've heard, there are already cats living in our creations! 

But, to not change EVERYTHING, we maintained the tradition of having Valentine’s mail in the office. With that, everyone could send each other notes of gratitude (or anything else they wanted to share with their coworkers). Nothing HR wouldn’t approve of! Or at least that's what we hope happened… ;)

Another month, another Dev College 

With the end of February, we can already say that this year we’ve invited you twice to our office! All thanks to the two editions of Dev College, during which some of you participated in frontend and QA workshops

I’m happy to say that the frequency of our event is caused not by us being bored, but by your drive for education! And since more and more often you send us messages with questions about the next event, we don’t want to keep you waiting. That's why this month one group was able to learn about QA while the other explored the secrets of React and Redux

You can for sure expect the next event to happen very soon - follow us on Facebook and join our Dev College group to be among the first ones to know about it! Also, if you wonder whether we stopped organizing Dev College Combo (in which we conduct both workshops and presentations), don’t worry - it’s on our agenda. The more knowledge the better!

We’ve got frontend on our radar 

Well, as one smart woman said it, the more knowledge the better! That’s why in February you could not only attend our workshops but also the second edition of front.radar, an event dedicated solely to the frontend community.

It seems like developers in Poznań really do crave this kind of meetups. 140 people showed up in Alibi Club to listen to Marcin talk about Next.js, Jacek about web components, and Tomasz about And no wonder they did - our speakers did a great job presenting their area of expertise! With that kind of growing attendance soon we will need to rent out the stadium to have a place for all of you. But don’t worry - front.radar will stay free no matter what. ;)  And if you want to try your hand at becoming a speaker, let us know!

Extra, extra, read all about it!

Events are, of course, not the only way to learn something. If you follow us on social media, you could’ve noticed that for some time now we publish even more articles about the variety of software development topics. All that thanks to, among others, Magda. As Content Marketing Manager she takes care of our blog as well as finds the Shakespearian abilities even in the most hopeless of writers. Not that we have any of them, just pointing out how good she is! ;)

Amid some of the articles is the (shown above) highly interesting piece about the hate speech detector that’s based on machine learning, Django, and Celery. One thing is certain - Pablo did a really great job not only making it but also describing how it works - check out the second part if you want more information on the topic.

Apart from that, in February you also could’ve seen our article about the difference between big data and data warehouse that was posted on Just Join IT. In it, Jakub wrote about Amazon Redshift and its ability to integrate Python. Check it out and let us know what you think about it!

You need a lot of calories to be this awesome

To either learn or organize events that make this learning happen, you need a lot of energy. And what a better way to gain said energy than to stuff your face with donuts? Especially when celebrating Fat Thursday! Obviously, we couldn’t forget about this important holiday and needed to treat it with the respect it deserves. 

However, donuts, even if highly delicious and caloric, can also be quite mundane when it comes to creativity. And since creativity is something we crave even more than food, we decided to create our own DIY station, where everyone could decorate their pastry with icing, sprinkles, and many other sweet decorations. Does it sound like a kindergarten activity? A bit. Was it awesome and made us laugh? Of course.


That would be all for this summary, ladies and gentlemen. In the next summary, you can expect to read about parties, other events we will organize, and many wonderful things. And if you think that you don't want to only read about it and would rather prefer to simply experience it, visit our career page! See you next month (or sooner)!

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