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May 24, 2016

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The 4 Soccer Games You Absolutely Can't Miss

Maciej Fedorów

FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer. These two big fishes are outdoing each other in creating the most real football simulators. Each next edition of these games has to have more and more details and realism from soccer fields. What about abandoning this greatly real way? What do you think about creating soccer games that differ from everyday standards? Let's make it more fantastic. Is that explosive combination? Just try it...

Rocket League: play... car football?

What do men like? Sports and cars. Developers from the US studio named Psyonix came up with a brilliant idea to combine these two. As a result, they created Rocket League. Futuristic, almost psychedelic stadiums. No less incredible booster-rigged cars and a huge ball.

Thanks to over 100 modifications that beef the match up, Rocket League offers many possibilities. Cool 2, 3, and 4 players split screen mode that can be played locally or taken online. 8-player online action with a variety of different team sizes and configurations. This all features combined with extremely dynamic and unpredictable action were crowned with success.

 Rocket League screenshot

Source: Steam

The game was released in July 2015 and became a pop cultural hit. DLC such as Batman v Superman or Back to the Future proves that. The popularity of Rocket Leauge has led to creating official e-sports competitions where you can win the prize of even over $50 000.

Soccer and cars. On the face of it, this looks like a crazy idea but it brought a big success. This is something, about what hosts of Top Gear have learned some time ago.

Soccer Rage: soccer mixed with Mortal Kombat

It is widely known that soccer is a contact sport. Developers of Soccer Rage took it to their hearts and created a hybrid engine of soccer and fighting straight from Mortal Kombat series. Like the Rocket Leauge, the match takes place in futuristic stadiums that look like arenas where Liu Kang fought the bad guys.

The very dynamic soccer game is possible thanks to the proper rules. Actually, there're no rules. There are no red cards, no off-sides, no outside balls, no substitutions. But there's something that attracts the attention of players and beefs up the gameplay. That something is brutal fouls and punch-ups.

In this game, you can win thanks to the score as well as a butchery. Make your opponent have less than 7 players on the field. And enjoy the glory.

Soccer Rage screenshot

Source: Steam

At the moment, you can choose one of 8 teams. But devs of Soccer Rage plan to increase this number to 32. The game is available in Early Access on Steam only. Its premiere is scheduled for June 2016. 

FootLOL: Epic Fail League: when the title speaks for itself

If you think that the previous games are abnormal, surely you haven't had the pleasure of playing FootLOL. The description of the game and its  level of unreality could be laid down just in one sentence: one of its main elements are... cows.

This game is a kind of mix of a soccer game and popular Worms. FootLOL lets you use mines, cheats, aliens, cows, guns, aliens, and many more cheats to decimate the opposing team and protect your players. Once you’ve finished FootLOL’s tournament mode, you can play against the computer or go online for gripping multiplayer. With the player who’s best at cheating winning, FootLOL is a funny old game.

FootLOL screenshot

Source: Steam

There are 30 teams to choose from, which can be modified. The gameplay takes place on four different planets (each of them has another type of field). No wonder that FootLOL is getting very positive reviews on Steam.

Kopanito All-Stars Soccer: back to the childhood

In addition to the aforementioned football games abandoning realism could not miss the production of Merixgames. I'm happy to present you Kopanito All-Stars Soccer. This arcade soccer game is a spiritual heir of hits such as Sensible Soccer and Kick Off.

Kopanito is not a classic soccer simulator. It is flavored with a hefty dose of fantasy. If you play well enough, you will be awarded a super-move. Then you can pull the ball using a super-strong magnet or activate a big windmaker to blow things out of your goal-line. You can also play football your way, slide tackle often and shoot using slow-motion with ultra swerve. There are no referee, no off-sides, so you can kick your friend's ass.

Kopanito All-Stars Soccer screenshot

Kopanito focuses on diversity. There is a possibility to choose from 100+ national teams (even the most exotic ones) from all over the world and play on 7 stadiums. Finally, you can complete 16 tournaments and leagues.

The game brings back memories of older players. It helps them remember about childhood  when they spent a lot of time playing games. Young can know the world of soccer that they have never met before. 

At the moment, Kopanito is available on Steam in Early Access. Right now developers are working on the implementation of the online multiplayer mode.

Alternatives to FIFA?

Classic soccer games have many big fans from all over the world. Above productions show that gamers also expect a little different type of fun. Amusing, abnormal, unreal soccer games are also very popular. So let's follow these and wait for another.

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