10 Tech Blogs You Need to Follow in 2017

One of the things I like most about the Internet is the fact that it has pushed people to provide better and better content. It's wonderful that I can go on the hunt for fresh resources to feed any of my addiction (I have at the moment :)) when I decide that a place I've found the hottest one, start to be a little boring.

I'm sure that you have the same, so I decided to create a list of tech blogs whose writers Merixstudio's folks feel are worth reading and following this and next year (the order of the websites is random). Because of a large number of propositions, I separated them into few categories - today I will dwell on most influential blogs focus on technology and web development in general.

I'd encourage you to take a look at each of them, check their content out, and find out which of them fit in with your tech news intake the most.

The Next Web

A leading blog on the Internet which provides technology stuff on a daily basis. The Next Web is a great resource where you can find hot tech news and latest technology trends, but also some info about gadgets and their reviews as well. It has put up a brilliant performance when it comes to educating the people about technology, culture, and business.

The Next Web stats:

  • #1,601 Alexa global ranking
  • 902,564 Facebook fans
  • 1,7 M Twitter followers

Smashing Magazine

I think it won't be a lie when I say that everybody knows and loves Smashing Magazine (especially web designers and developers). It's a mine of high-quality content. Because of very advanced topics, this website might seem daunting if you're a beginner. Unless you like challenges ;) Smashing Magazine is famous for their printed Smashing Book Series.

Smashing Magazine stats:

  • #3,405 Alexa global ranking
  • 285,817 Facebook fans
  • 992, 797 Twitter followers


TechCrunch provides the latest technology news and information on startups. What you can find there are reviews of new Internet products and breaking tech news. Do you know Crunchbase? It's also the output of TechCrunch - its open database about start-up companies, people and investors. In addition to covering startups, TechCrunch also features existing businesses that are making an impact on the web world.

TechCrunch stats:

  • #510 Alexa global ranking
  • 2,444,946 Facebook fans
  • 7,750,983 Twitter followers

The Verge

Another most popular and famous technology blog for tech lovers is The Verge. It shares interesting guides about technology and its effects on the society. In a nutshell, The Verge means news from gadgets to startups, apps, and tech culture.

The Verge stats:

  • #511 Alexa global ranking
  • 2,503,469 Facebook fans
  • 1,500,274 Twitter followers


This is another website that doesn't require any introduction - I'm sure most of you know about one of the top and much influential technology blog on the Internet. Mashable covers everything that happens in social news space. Like the previous, it provides latest tech news, gadgets reviews as well as science stuff and helpful guides to the Internet users.

Mashable stats:

  • #500 Alexa global ranking
  • 3,893,546 Facebook fans (the main fan page) and 545,684 Facebook fans of Mashable - Tech fan page
  • 7,849,597 Twitter followers (the main profile) and 623,746 Twitter followers (Mashable Tech)


It's a website you will surely be going to love once you visit it. It's because of quality stuff published by Wired. Wired's content shows how technology is changing every aspect of our lives - from cultures, through business, science to design. Wired fires up new ways of thinking thanks to uncovering the breakthroughs.

Wired stats:

  • #936 Alexa global ranking
  • 2,200,997 Facebook fans
  • 7,203,365 Twitter followers


Engadget is a home to the latest and greatest gadget freaks. It covers everything new in the field of gizmos. Since 2004, the website has been discussed cutting-edge devices and the technology they are based on. You can be sure that Engadget's witty tech articles and breaking news are updated around the clock.

Engadget stats:

  • #482 Alexa global ranking
  • 1,402,646 Facebook fans
  • 1,973,068 Twitter followers

Digital Trends

Another one of the largest hubs of technology, computer gaming and engaging lifestyle guides. Digital Trends also covers stuff related to music, motorization, photography, etc. From time to time, you can find there some Apple news as well. You don't have to be afraid if you're not tech freak - Digital Trends' mission is to help readers easily understand how technology affects the way they live.

Digital Trends stats:

  • #895 Alexa global ranking
  • 883,432 Facebook fans
  • 844,837 Twitter followers

Another two blogs are close to us because of their background. They provide the latest tech news only in Polish, so if you're English reader and don't know our beautiful language, these blogs will probably be less worthwhile for you (maybe it's time for learning Polish? ;)).

Spider's Web

Actually, it's a website including 11 blogs about IT world written by 11 geeks. Spider's Web shoots at creating an opinion-forming source of technology and tech stats.

Spider's Web stats:

  • #9,485 Alexa global ranking
  • 38,618 Facebook fans
  • 4,727 Twitter followers


It's a place where you can find information about what's happening in Polish and global Internet. Authors of the blog want to create a space which will be interesting not only for tech freaks but also for people who hasn't already be passionate about IT world so far.

AntyWeb stats:

  • #13,568 Alexa global ranking
  • 42,647 Facebook fans
  • 3,302 Twitter followers

Of course, there are much more awesome tech blogs/websites/forums every IT freak should follow. Here you have the list of some that Merixstudio's folks pointed out:

To be honest, I've got such ample feedback from my work buddies I decide to divide it into few categories. So you can expect further articles listing the best Frontend, Design and Business blogs. Stay tuned!

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