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Blockchain-based income management platform flag of Blockchain-based income management platform country

Blockchain-based income management platform

A web app for managing digital currency earnings and peer-to-peer wireless network expansion
react UX UI fintech node.js microservices AWS webpack typescript wireframes docker express neweconomy
Moneyfarm flag of Moneyfarm country


A leading UK digital wealth management application
react redux angular node.js
Yowlo flag of Yowlo country


A fintech app for individuals investing on the stock market
python django flutter firebase
Facta flag of Facta country


A cloud-based solution for controlling, analyzing, and sharing financial data
react typescript
Genuine Impact flag of Genuine Impact country

Genuine Impact

Risk-management app for DIY investors
product design vue.js
Business Insurance App flag of Business Insurance App country

Business Insurance App

Business Insurance Management System for the US-based company
react python product design django legacy software modernization
P2P lending mobile app flag of P2P lending mobile app country

P2P lending mobile app

A mobile app for giving and receiving affordable peer-to-peer loans
react python redux django fintech Celery firebase mobile REST

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