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Unique full starter pack for founders eager to fundraise. From idea validation, through creating designs and interactive prototype, to building/performing a killer pitch deck.

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Seize the opportunity and transform the way your organization works. Plan the modernization with your user in mind - it's a journey, not a destination!

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endless big data opportunities

Reveal the ML potential to empower strategic planning and make data-driven decisions

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Biocore Mouthguard Sensors (MGS) flag of Biocore Mouthguard Sensors (MGS) country

Biocore Mouthguard Sensors (MGS)

a data analytics platform for researching and analyzing impacts suffered by sport league players.
webpack typescript threeJS nextjs
media & entertainment
Kaiik'ìt flag of Kaiik'ìt country


A mobile app for learning the Gwich’in language
python flutter firebase
Rosalyn flag of Rosalyn country


an AI-based remote assessment and proctoring solution
angular nodejs remoteproctoring
Moneyfarm flag of Moneyfarm country


a best-in-class UK digital wealth management application
react redux angular node.js


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When to go for building custom software?
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