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We guide companies on their way to gaining a tech advantage by creating scalable and secure digital solutions that align with their business core.

Through technological consultancy, we help them transform uncertainty into informed, confident decision-making.

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We assist leaders in introducing the right technology innovations to propel their businesses forward.

Whether your’re a C-level executive, a manager in a specific field, or a professional responsible for product growth, we ensure your digital strategy aligns with your organizatinal goals.

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We deliver business outcomes

Increased Revenue
Accelerating Sales
Market Share Expansion

>30% sales increase and enhanced CX with a bespoke customer platform

For an innovative German-based solar roof tiles producer, we developed a custom web platform with a roof configurator, fully digitalized quotations, and three integrated systems, all while achieving a perfect 100/100 accessibility score. 

This solution was completed in approximately two months and is poised for scalable growth, resulting in a 30% increase in sales,
a 10x boost in the win rate, improved customer and employee experiences, a 50% reduction in the length of the sales cycle, and a 30% decrease in total lead time.

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Enhanced Productivity for Engineers
Streamlined Workflow
Faster Data Analysis

4x faster data analysis process for biomechanical engineers

For Facta, a pioneering San Francisco-based company specializing in software for the finance and accounting industry, we crafted a cloud-based solution for controlling, analyzing,
and sharing financial data. Our collaboration focused on enhancing UX/UI, refactoring, software maintenance,
and introducing innovative product features. 

The results were striking: user onboarding time reduced to less than 30 minutes, an 80% decrease in monthly closing workload, and a significant 30% drop in audit and data integrity issues.

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Cost Savings on Infrastructure Maintenance
Streamlined Testing Process

0 outages after moving to the cloud + 97% less app crashes

For Six Flags, an American amusement park corporation, we modernized a complex mobile app consisting of multiple services for visitors. To unlock its potential, we conducted refactoring and redesign, test automation, cloud migration, and more.

Our comprehensive work enhanced customer experience through improved visual consistency of the app and ensured ADA compliance. Additionally, we improved solution stability and accelerated new version releases thanks to test automation (50% faster bug fixing), and updating the client's CI/CD pipeline.

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Enhanced ROI from Sales and Marketing Activities

25% growth in ticket sales and 10% boost in website traffic

For the Juilliard School, a renowned arts institution in New York, we developed a custom event calendar for student recitals, featuring a public ticket-selling platform. Our end-to-end solution encompassed backend to frontend development, including API, user authentication, and Spektrix for e-commerce. 

The impact was profound: a 25% increase in ticket sales, 10% more website traffic, and the ability to schedule up to three times more performances annually, significantly enhancing Juilliard's event capacity and outreach.

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Over two decades, our expertise has been the digital backbone for more than 350 businesses

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We are driven by values that help us craft strategies going beyond one-size-fits-all solutions. Discover how our results-oriented, client-focused approach can help you establish a lasting technology advantage.

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