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Up Your eGame

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a premium community platform for gamers

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Up Your eGame is a premium quality connection platform for gamers and e-sports teams. The passionate-about-games founders of the platform wanted to make recruitment and team building easier for gamers. UYEG lets them spend less time selecting and organizing teammates and more time playing the games they love with the people they want to play with.

Merixstudio took a holistic approach to the project and led the Client through the A-to-Z process of product design, development, and post-release support. The key challenges were:

  • translating the vague project idea into the ready-to-implement scope of work,
  • designing the complex product that will meet users and business goals,
  • assuring a smooth workflow for intensive cooperation with a 9-hour time difference,
  • managing the project to fit a tight budget.


The Client reached out to us with a rough product idea and an outline of its key objectives. Prior to kicking-off the development we needed to get to the stage when we have a clear shape of the product and the solid action plan, therefore, we decided to begin with an online Product Discovery Workshop participated by the founders and multidisciplinary Merixstudio’s team.

In the workshop, we focused on verifying the basic assumptions of the product and making sure that we have a perfect understanding of its goals, business model, users, and value proposition. After identifying loopholes, generating new ideas and adjusting them to specific users and business needs, we had a proper ground for crafting the final solution. In the end, we had the service described in the form of story map capturing the product shape and logic, defined MVP’s scope and development roadmap. It seems easier said than done - in fact, the process was very intensive and required effective management due to the number of stakeholders involved as well as time difference and the potential feedback loop it could cause.

Next, we proceeded with working on the MVP version of the project starting with wireframing that was kept 4 sprints ahead of the proper development. As regards the management, we followed the Scrumban methodology accompanied by Scrum events such as Daily, Review, plus ad-hoc Plannings, Refinements, and Retrospectives. Throughout 1 year of development, the team headcount varied from 2 to 9 people in its peak time and the composition included product owner, UX and UI designers, QA, front-end and back-end engineers.

The project demonstrated how meaningful could be a strong UX support not only on the early stage when creating the shape of the app but also later when optimising the app based on GA or Hot Jar data.

user interface




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key features

  • user profiles

    possibility to create profiles by the players displaying social links, description, time zone, games, reviews, trophies, friends, posts

  • alliances

    creating the associations of several teams, with special requirements and individual systems of operations

  • recruitment board

    a complete listing of open positions for joining a particular game crew along with an overview of requirements, stats, and other information as well as a possibility to apply

  • social features

    likes, comments, content flagging and moderation

  • dedicated teams

    scheduling game times, sharing important information, setting up a team page, and recruiting new members

  • gamification

    unlocking various trophies through actions taken on the site, and displaying them on the profiles so that players can show off their achievements

  • messaging system

    an in-built messaging system (based on WebSockets) enabling peer-to-peer, team-to-team and group chats

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