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Python and React-driven platform for online casinos

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problems to solve

Unibo is a powerful yet user-friendly system for increasing player engagement and retention with a single unified back office. The solution was created with two types of users in mind: online casino players and back office staff, particularly casino managers taking care of marketing campaigns. For the former, it makes the iGaming experience more appealing. For the latter, Unibo is a complex tool for speeding up everyday work and enabling management of complex campaigns.

Bearing in mind two types of Unibo’s target users, we need to consider two types of challenges: those affecting players and back-office staff.

Before Unibo’s launch, some gaming providers had their own way of rewarding players outside of the actual game itself. Thus, the player experience was suffering due to visual inconsistency, leading to ineffective customer acquisition and retention.

The job of the back office staff was also far from being a walk in a park. Having to use different back offices, they often found it challenging to master a couple of tools at once, which increased the chance of human errors taking place. What’s more, the available solutions often didn’t support mobile devices – a  functionality that comes in handy for quick fixed or check-ups.

Since the client has trouble hiring talent locally, Merixstudio assembled an all-around dedicated team of even more than 10 IT professionals to solve the problems mentioned above. The scope of our work included:

  • helping the client validate their idea and suggesting appropriate tech solutions during the workshop,
  • delivering a good UX and providing initial UI of the product,
  • building backend and frontend of the platform,
  • ensuring the smooth processing of large amounts of data.

As the project is ongoing, we’re currently engaging in the maintenance of the product. What’s more, we’re still working on new features, such as new types of campaigns, more advanced analytics, and anti-abusing tools, and last but not least, integration with new platform providers as well.


Our cooperation began with an intense product design workshop attended by Unibo’s C-level executives and our team. The two-day-long session aimed to collect all information needed for the development of the data aggregation and gamification platform. Apart from information about functionalities, we paid special attention to the business context and problems to be solved by the product. This part was crucial to the project’s success due to our limited experience in the online gaming industry. Luckily, frequent communication with the client and the curiosity of our team helped us catch up quickly – in fact, the client’s representatives emphasized their satisfaction with our “understand-then-do” attitude.

Within the two days, we discussed Unibo’s goals, target users, and potential pain points. Although initially, it was challenging for the client to prioritize the functionalities that need to be delivered in the first place, drawing on our experience of working with startups, we managed to arrive at a sensible consensus. As a result, the outcome was a well-defined scope of work, a precise estimation, and preliminary information architecture

After releasing MVP, and before the next stage, we’ve met F2F once again to discuss the next features in more detail and plan work accordingly to business goals and timeline.

Since there was no tech lead on the client’s side, we worked in a dedicated team model. To ensure the highest quality of cooperation, we composed a versatile team of IT specialists, including developers, designers, QA specialists, and a PM. We also paid special attention to communication. When cooperating with the client, we followed the best Scrum practices. When working with the casino platform provider, a third party engaged in the project, we also emphasized the importance of close collaboration and tried to take over the tech part of communication between all parties involved.

As far as the tech stack is concerned, we cherry-picked technologies and matched them with the client’s expectations. On the backend, our framework of choice was Django, which ensured scalability and security of the app. We also went for ElasticSearch and Celery/Redis: solutions that enable the processing of massive amounts of data – over 1 million transactions a day, to be precise. On the frontend, we relied on high-performance React. To facilitate real-time communication within the widget, we also implemented Websockets.

user experience

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user interface





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key features

  • dashboard for real-time data analysis

    A reporting tool providing users and administrators with data on the casino’s performance – meaning the effectiveness of marketing campaigns – and enabling to compare the results with the KPIs.

  • intuitive campaign manager

    A software wizard which facilitates the configuration of complex campaigns reducing the process to a couple of clicks. It presents the back office staff with a path of predefined options they can choose from, e.g., the tournament’s duration, device type, prize form, etc. The setup assistant also allows the repetition and modification of previously configured campaigns.

  • reward features

    A functionality allowing campaign managers to choose relevant prizes, ranging from free spins and other bonuses through money and physical products.

  • overlay for the players

    A clear and user-friendly overlay displayed next to the game the end-user plays at the moment. It provides information about the extra campaigns, such as a description of the mission or the player’s score.

  • integration with third-party systems

    All casinos need to do to use Unibo is to implement some code taken from our CDN into their system. If they collaborate with iGP, they don’t even have to provide us with data about the users. Collaboration has never been simpler in the online gambling industry.

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