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an advanced learning management system for Google Classroom

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StudyBee is a powerful Chrome extension that supercharges Google Classroom app allowing teachers to fully assess students. StudyBee's primary goal is to make teachers’ job simple, clear and flexible by reducing their workload and streamlining the assessment process.

The key challenges were:

  • building a stable tech solution that heavily depends on a 3rd party Google Classroom API,
  • creating the app that greatly fulfills its role i.e. reduces the workload for teachers and makes the assessment process simple, correct and more transparent for students,
  • maintaining a high standard of remote collaboration and assuring transparent communication.


Studybee is a  Sweden-based startup that builds a lightweight learning management system for both teachers and students. It enables teachers to grade students' assignments and assess students' progress directly in Google Classroom where the actual learning takes place. This decreases administration job for teachers and, as a result, gives them more time for teaching. Also, students can view assessments and receive feedback in Google Classroom.

Merixstudio’s key responsibilities were building an A-to-Z Chrome extension from scratch, implementing a browser-based logging functionality, fetching data from Google Classroom API, building a dedicated admin panel using out-of-the-box Django Suit, defining different grades’ types, managing grades (thanks to an advanced digital class register), Google Cloud integration.

We also executed UI/GUI tests, functional tests, and E2E tests. We wrote test cases, and we tried to cover all the scenarios including positive and failure path and boundary cases. We wanted to be sure that the extension was working as expected and according to the specific requirement.

graphic design

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key features

  • integration with Google Classroom apps

    following and tracking teachers’ work in Google Classroom

  • tracking course progress

    following the attainment of individual students easily over time

  • connecting national curriculum to Google Classroom

    creating custom attainment descriptors and assessing learning against National Curriculum attainment targets

  • giving feedback on assignments

    assess student work in relation to learning objectives, directly on Google Drive

  • following assessments

    setting attainment visible to students if they have StudyBee installed

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