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Snappt provides a new approach to the rental application and leasing process by using state-of-the-art technology that enables landlords to streamline applicant screening. This data-driven tenant screening helps property managers identify fraudulently modified documents and minimize losses from fraud. The key issue addressed by SNAPPT boils down to the question: how can you get the best resident possible in the shortest amount of time? The software supports landlords in filling vacancies faster, avoiding evictions and ensuring compliance in a time-efficient way. This gives them a strong advantage in a highly competitive rental market and an ability to scale their business efficiently.

The key challenges were:

  • taking over the legacy Python project from the outgoing team making it smooth and downtime-free,
  • quickly aligning themselves with the existing codebase to reach the key milestone which brought a high value for end-users and supported the client’s strategic goals,
  • managing the project and collaborating across a 9-hour time difference.


Merixstudio’s involvement boiled down to two key stages namely onboarding and development. Since we dealt with a legacy project, we agreed to kick-off the project with a 2-week pre-development phase during which the team got familiarised with the project’s priorities and codebase, drew up a plan (research, scope, estimates) for integration with Yardi - a 3rd party property management software, and scoped out a new application’s flow that needed refreshments and better UX.

Afterward, we scaled up a dedicated software team so that we could efficiently develop new features. The key milestones were: building out a new application flow based on the designs delivered by the client and integrating the application with 3rd party Plaid that analyses bank deposits to validate your users’ income and employer information. These were subject to change and adjustments which made us employ a fair amount of flexibility throughout the development.

We followed the Scrum methodology with 2-week sprints that served as a framework for the delivery of new features. Although, the challenging time zone difference, we kept close and transparent communication with Snappt’s US-based stakeholders (e.g. thanks to the weekly planning sessions on the videocon with clients, daily updates on a project’s Slack channel, Jira).

The long-term partnership with SNAPPT has been based on different degrees of collaboration - since the project’s start, there were various full-time jobs intermingled by less intensive maintenance time.

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key features

  • application form

    a few-step registration form for the applicants allowing them to apply for property renting

  • credit check

    the ability for an applicant to link directly to their banking institution (thanks to the external API integration - Experian). This eradicates a landlord’s headache of chasing down bank statements and other supporting documents

  • custom scoring

    Snappt created custom scoring that reflects their acceptance criteria leading to faster acceptances or denials

  • income verification

    an integration with Plaid that analyses bank deposits to validate your users’ income and employer information more accurately

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