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Mobile Banking Application

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a leading international mobile banking application

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Microservices (API Gateway)


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problems to solve

Our Client, one of the world’s Mobile Banking leaders and pioneers, reached out to Merixstudio with a need for an experienced Angular development team that could serve as a supportive team extension and help to accelerate the velocity of their internal team.

The key challenges were:

  • smoothly and quickly aligning themselves with the existing team and codebase,
  • writing a highly scalable and robust code (taking care on testing and app’s maintenance) that can be on the par with fast company development.


The whole over one-year long collaboration was based on a partnership between two teams: Merixstudio’s Angular developers from Poznan, Poland and the core client’s team from Bratislava, Slovakia. We kicked off the project with a 4-day onboarding session in the client’s headquarters where we had a chance to meet the team in person and learn the project’s specifics.

Merixstudio’s team was in charge of a new version of country sites for the company. In greater detail, we were responsible for both the sales pages (available for all users) and transaction pages (available for authorized users only). On the country sites, users can apply for different types of financial products (particular products are dependant on the specific country’s offer), for example, credit line, microloan, prime loan. The transaction part allows a user to manage his product, cover invoices and track cash flow. The underlying assumption was to prepare a generic solution which allows us to create sites that are country-specific. To begin with, we worked on 3 country versions i.e. for Latvia, New Zealand, and Sweden. They scaled up regularly to hit 23 countries.

The whole application heavily relies on the microservice architecture written in Java. Merixstudio’s expert developers to a great extent dealt specifically with API Gateway (used NestJS to build it)  providing a single, unified API entry point across numerous internal APIs.

This was fully remote cooperation put in the framework of a Scrum-driven development.

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key features

  • onboarding

    signing up/in and putting in a loan request (selecting the amount, filling in personal details form). Particular steps are country-specific and dependant on their legal regulations

  • loan offering

    submitting an offer on a well-matched product (among others, based on the rating and supplementary information form for customers)

  • verification

    financial identification process by customer’s bank account for conducting credit rating

  • repayments

    processing loan repayments (with Trustly) and a history overview

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