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recitals management system for the world leader in arts education

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performances throughout the year at the Juilliard School


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powerful HTML5/Canvas stage composer


in global ranking for the best institution for Performing Arts

problems to solve

Juilliard School music students needed to perform a number of public recitals. Scheduling and planning for these recitals was an iterative process that involved a significant amount of back and forth between the student recitalist and the Juilliard Concert Office. This created a need for developing an advanced Recital Management System (RMS) which streamlines a complex process of students’ registration for performances.

The key challenges were:

  • designing a complex system that handles high traffic as well as advanced notifications and booking workflows,
  • working effectively with a 6-hour time zone difference between teams.


Merixstudio was responsible for full-stack Python/Django development & consultancy of the RMS platform. In the beginning, front-end was based on the Metronic theme which was later replaced with a custom design created by our Product Design team. Ones of the key milestones we successfully achieved were: performing SOAP-based integrations with external services e.g. Panopto - a system for scheduling recital recordings, Colleague system (based on REST API), and Performance Event Calendar (a bespoke scheduling tool that had been previously implemented by Merixstudio), developing a canvas-based advanced HTML5 Stage Composer (allowing students to create stage setup using custom or predefined settings).

The final product requires the input of data such as selection of the stage that students wish to perform on, when and what time of day they want to do it, what instrument are they playing and how exactly the scene is supposed to look (for the last option we created the Stage Composer).

The system is equipped with an internal notification system for students and teachers, tool to create dynamic forms and other mechanisms meant to simplify the whole process of preparing a recital.

The collaboration with The Juilliard School started many years ago from developing a new public Django-based events calendar integrated deeply into an online ticketing system. We took care of everything from the back-end to the front end of the calendar, e.g. user scenarios, API [application programming interface] integration, user authentication functionalities, and single sign-on integration. Since then it has been a strong partnership based on a series of different phases intermingled by less intensive maintenance time.

user interface



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key features

  • stage composer

    students plot the stage setup via a visual easy-to-use tool, communicate other special requests for their recital and view the latest status of the recitals requirements

  • program generator

    a concert program wizard generator based on pre-configured templates

  • advanced admin panel

    a powerful back office panel built using out-of-the-box Django Suite

  • news streaming

    built-in news streaming system

  • notification system

    an internal notification system for students and teachers. It entails creating dynamic forms and other mechanisms that simplify the whole process recitals’ management

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