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a P2P home-made food delivery marketplace

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Flavr is a Belgium-based start-up that is all about discovering local kitchen superheroes and connecting with others through food. This is a peer-to-peer marketplace that connects home chefs with food lovers who are given the opportunity to order and pick up meals from hobby chefs in their neighborhood. Flavr’s mission is to give a human touch to food delivery experience as they believe the people’s personalities are just as important as the food they create.

The key challenges were:

  • meeting an ambitious deadline and releasing the MVP version of the project quickly so that the client can get early customers and gather feedback for future development,
  • running intensive initial project preparation phase that, among other, covered workshops based design thinking approach,
  • from a business perspective - growing both sides (chefs and consumers) of the platform quickly and balancing supply and demand.


Our Client reached out to us with a request to develop an entire responsive web application based on proof of concept previously built with Firebase (a real-time back-end for applications) and given User Interfaces. In the beginning, we conducted Design Thinking workshops, during which we discussed in detail the concept of the application and the long-term vision of the whole product development.

It took us four months to ship the MVP of the application with enough features to gain early users and receive feedback for future development. After four months, we finished working on the full product version. Among others, in the scope of work was developing functionalities such as filters module, notifications, follow chef, admin panel and discount coupons. Payments used in the app were implemented with the use of Adyen Payment Gateway (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro/MisterCash).

During the whole project, we worked with Scrum methodology that assured an iterative and incremental product development keeping a holistic and flexible approach.

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key features

  • food ordering

    easy browsing through homemade food that can be ordered

  • integrated payment

    secure payment with 3rd party payment gateway (integration with Adyen) with a custom coupons feature

  • review system

    an ability to write a review and support the FLAVR community

  • order tracking

    seeing the current status of an order

  • in-built chat

    contacting the home chef and communicating with your neighbours

  • dedicated admin panel

    managing payments, coupons, users, dishes and others from the dedicated back-office panel

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