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Six Flags flag of Six Flags country

Six Flags

An official mobile app for Six Flags parks’ visitors
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Biocore Mouthguard Sensors (MGS) flag of Biocore Mouthguard Sensors (MGS) country

Biocore Mouthguard Sensors (MGS)

a data analytics platform for researching and analyzing impacts suffered by sport league players.
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web app
Rosalyn flag of Rosalyn country


An AI-based remote assessment and proctoring solution
angular nodejs remoteproctoring
web app
FarmDroid flag of FarmDroid country


A web app for remote management of the world’s first automatic field robot
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web app
Autarq flag of Autarq country


A responsive web platform and roof configurator for homeowners and landlords
react nextjs solar sustainability renewables
Boston Solar flag of Boston Solar country

Boston Solar

A web-based solar modeling and proposal tool
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