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Competenz4u is SaaS e-learning application streamlining the process of learning maths for Austrian future high school graduates. Due to brand new school examination standards introduced in Austria (called 'Zentralmatura'), our Client took the initiative to create modern e-learning web application that combines his incredible flair for sharing knowledge (hundreds of tutorials were recorded) and powerful Python development capabilities.

The key challenges were:

  • building the MVP of the platform in a very time-efficient manner to meet a tight deadline (correlated with the school year’s workflow), 
  • designing and incorporating gamification elements to keep students’ engagement and learning progress high,
  • assuring secure and performant video streaming so that the materials are kept within the platform and are easily operated by the target users (videos are a core of the client’s business and the value delivered).


At Merixstudio, we've proudly built a Django platform that reinvented the current learning schemas giving students access to affordable, concise and user-friendly maths training videos via a recurring monthly subscription programme. Competenz4u solves a serious problem of the not adjusted curriculum to the reformed maths school leaving examination (“Zentralmatura”) standards. The application teaches step by step strategies on how to solve the new system’s exercises. The ultimate goal was to increase student’s success rate in the examination.  Competenz4u has been the first initiative of its kind in Austria.

The Python development process was preceded by a product design online workshop session that let us learn the client's objectives and discuss solutions and ways of achieving it. We decided to keep a UX/UI design progress two sprints ahead of the devs’ work. Axure RP was used to design logo and animated clickable wireframes which then served as a based for creating the detailed project’s specification by a project manager. 

We applied a fair amount of flexibility as regards the project’s management and juggled between waterfall and agile (depending on the project’s phase and current needs). Similarly, the team’s headcount was adjustable and varied from 3 to 5 members in peak time.

The Django-powered MVP platform has been well-received by students who shared very meaningful feedback. The success of this ed-tech startup encouraged our client to improve and expand it with new features, such as affiliate mechanism and gamification that increased users activity, retention, and overall advocacy.

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key features

  • video streaming

    assuring uploading and streaming the educational video content divided and categorised in particular lessons and modules

  • subscriptions

    a SaaS-based model with monthly subscription programme supported with recurring payments

  • progress tracking

    students see an overview of the covered videos on the home member dashboards

  • back office

    an advanced administration panel developed with out-of-the-box Django Suite. Among others, the panel enables invoice management, content categorisation, and users’ permissions

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