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keep your mind at ease and have full-fledged support throughout the whole project’s lifecycle

getting assistance all the time

We are in step with you throughout the whole project’s lifecycle - from an invention idea to a profitable product. We know that IT products are ever-evolving to meet the latest tech standards and users’ needs and that they need to be taken care of long after the product’s release. That’s why Merixstudio offers post-launch development and UX support.

Workshops with client
  • Ongoing Application Support (24/7)
  • Post-launch Development
  • Performance Monitoring
  • UX Maintenance

taking care of your product

Our post-release activities centre around the three key areas. We monitor the digital performance of your application making sure it runs smoothly and downtime-free. We implement ad-hoc adjustments to streamline the app’s performance.


We identify the ways of optimising the product for business and user goals. In brief, we provide the essential components to keep your product top-grade through its lifetime and keep your mind at ease.

make your product happen

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