Product Design

Are you working on a new business idea or reinventing your existing product? Do you want to do it right and craft the best user experience from the very beginning? Let us help you.
Our skilled and experienced Designers will lead you through the whole process of digital products creation from the idea to its implementation. We deliver products that are successful and loved by users by making sure that they meet both business and users goals. That is owing to User Centered Design approach we adopt.
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Information Architecture

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Usability tests

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UI/Web Design

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Experienced Design Team that you can trust.

Our main advantage is a close cooperation with development team and experience in effective remote cooperation with clients from all over the world. All these combined let us smoothly deliver products that are recognised globally.
We combine skills and competences such as: User Experience design, Information Architecture, UX research, Web design. The Team consists of passionate and experienced designers that regularly gain and share their knowledge on Product Design related events. Designers work in Lean methodologies taking advantages of Scrum-driven development.

What is our role in the software house? Essentially, to forge product requirements into tailored-made product. We focus on users and business needs and draw from the Design Thinking methodology. The outcome of our work is a detailed ready-to-implement wireframe of the solution. Our approach is to understand the product along with the whole context in which the product operates as well as any technical constraints we might come across. We achieve this by using different tools, research methods, close cooperation with a client and consultations with the rest of the development team.

  • User Experience Design (UX)
    & We create product oriented on usability and business goals.
  • User Interface Design (UI)
    We design beautiful apps and websites.
  • Design Thinking
    We solve users and business problems in interdisciplinary teams.
  • Inhouse and online workshops We work in Poznań but can conduct online workshop sessions for clients from all over the world.

Forging solid foundations for your product

Close cooperation between UX and UI designers with Developers is beneficial. It decreases number of changes during the development process because all functionalities are consulted on the design phase

We strongly believe that succesful products are designed for people who will use it

  • The Julliard School
  • FOX
  • Link4
  • Allegro
  • VW
  • Toshiba
  • The workshop session was very valuable. It covered much of what is needed when converting your idea into a tangible product. It helped us think through important elements (both business and tech ones) and narrow down what to focus on so that we could kick off the development speedily. They questioned our ideas asking „why” or putting forward recommendations - there was collaboration, not just outsourcing a project.

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    David Zinnemann

    CEO, Up Your E-game

  • "(...) They greatly understood the objectives of the service and, what is even more valuable, they suggested solutions that I have never thought of before and that enriched the service."


    Konrad Obszyński


  • Their team’s genuine interest in the business idea and revenue model led to the development of a platform that solves a real problem. Merixstudio doesn’t need to be micromanaged and acts more as a partner rather than a one-off vendor. Hiring them early-on in the project will ensure stellar results.


    Jonas Ekegren

    CO-Founder Walaro Software

Success stories. Portfolio of apps & startups we built in past:

  • Up Your E-game, the new gaming platform. The whole concept of the product and functionalities were shaped during the online workshop sessions. Together with a client we went through the users needs and the business opportunities analysis. We are also responsible for the CI of the product, including the logo

  • Process General is created for lawyers and other people involved in a bankruptcy proceeding. The core functionality of the website is a database of case information and related documentation. Our challenge in this project was to improve usability and findability of data. We achieved it by redesign of Information Architecture and simplification of the process. The whole project was initiated by UX audit of the previous version. Product Design was shaped with a client during online Product Design Workshops.

  • Walaro is swedish warehouse space leasing solution. Our approach in this project was to create the MVP of the solution that could be implemented in short time but oriented to the business goals. Functionalities and priorities were discussed with the client and team members during the Product Design Workshops. Based on the outcome from workshop we were able to go smoothly to the wire-framing and graphic design phase. Apart from the software development, we also designed marketing materials used to gain investors and clients.

Our priority is not only to deliver products on the market. We want them to be successful

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