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  • HTML5
  • Angular
  • Django
StudyBee is a powerful Chrome extension that supercharges Google Classroom app allowing teachers to fully assess students.

It's an integrated and lightweight learning management system for both teachers and students. It enables teachers to grade students' papers and work as well as assess students' progress directly in Google Classroom where the actual learning takes place. This decreases administration job for teachers and, as a result, gives them more time for teaching. However, students can view assessments and receive feedback in Google Classroom.

The tool allows teachers to collect learning materials and prepare a lesson with this. The teaching materials crowd-sourced then checked and reviewed, and made available to all users.

StudyBee's main goal is to reduce the workload for teachers and make the assessment process simple, correct and more transparent for students.

StudyBee is designed for schools that need modern and top-notch learning and development solution. It replaces traditional learning management systems.

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