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RSA Insurance group is a leading British multinational general insurance company that Merixstudio supported with the implementation of a new website dedicated for the Polish market existing under the name of LINK4.

The goal was to create a website that will become part of the Link4 brand image of a modern and innovative insurer and will facilitate the process of selecting and purchasing a policy via the internet. At the same time, we wanted to build a website whose structure would be flexible and allow the client to build content around the needs of particular groups of our clients.

Throughout the whole development, we cooperated with our partner agency Symetria that was in charge of UX/UI part of the project. Among others, the new website included chat, a virtual advisor, new search engine that made it easier to find the information, call back forms with meeting time slots, submitting a claim and resignation forms as well as comprehensive cover and liability insurance calculation.

One of the advantages of LINK4 was undoubtedly its compatibility with various screen sizes, which was of great importance in the context of popularizing mobile devices. There was also integration with the tools for traffic analysis for matching the information presented to the customer profile.

The success of this solution can be proved by the fact that LINK4 was used in other companies of the RSA Group - among others, the site in Dubai was based on the Polish solution.

This was a long-term partnership - Merixstudio supported the client for two years after the website release with less intensive website maintenance time.

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