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Kopanito All-Stars Soccer

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Check out Kopanito, an arcade, award-winning HTML5 soccer game! Play football your own way, slide tackle and score goals by using slow-motion with ultra-swerve. No referee, no off-sides, lots of national teams and local multi-player, thanks to what you can kick your friend's ass! Kopanito has a skill-based gameplay and allows you to use super-moves - fantasy elements that you won't find in real-world soccer simulation games.

Kopanito features 114 national teams from every corner of the world, has local multiplayer mode up to 5 players and includes 16 championships to compete in the single player mode. Matches can be played on 7 colorful stadiums with 4 AI difficulty levels and 5 diversifying gameplay super-moves.

Kopanito is inspired by such classics as Sensible Soccer and Kick Off. It reminds older players about games of their youth, while younger people can experience a soccer world they have never seen before. Kopanito is one of the few such advanced football games developed by using HTML5 technology

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