Product Design




Ice Cream Express

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
For a Client from digital signage vertical, we developed a brand new HTML5 game for touch screen displays.

The purpose of the game is to compose an ice cream that matches the picture presenting final result (ready ice cream composition). A user touches screen to arrange objects in right order. It's important to do that within limited time and satisfy queuing impatient customers.

We decided to build a game with HTML5 elements and to program in pure JavaScript. The game runs in the Chromium browser, and to be more specific NW.js, which combines Webkit and the Node.js.

Avoiding unit calculations of JavaScript, which might slow down the game, we used CSS animations. For additional smoothing effects and animation of characters, we utilized GSAP library (GreenSock animation platform), which is used in the most advanced projects of this type.

Case study

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