Product Design




Recital Management System

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Django
This time we supported famous The Juilliard School in building and launching an advanced Recital Management System (RMS), which helps students and school staff organize recitals. The system is dedicated to a complex process of students’ registration for performances.

Our role involved backend (Django) and front-end coding. In the beginning, front-end was based on the Metronic theme, but later during the project, we created new designs of RMS and implemented it into the application.

Our work in the project included integrations with external services such as Panopto (using SOAP-based integration), which is a system for scheduling recital recordings, integration of Colleague system (REST API), and integration with Performance Event Calendar previously created by us before.
We also developed canvas-based Stage Composer application, which allows students to use front-end tool to create stage setup - either using one of the predefined settings or custom adjusted ones.

The final product requires the input of data such as selection of the stage that students wish to perform on, when and what time of day they want to do it, what instrument are they playing and how exactly the scene is supposed to look (for the last option we are creating the HTML5 based Stage Composer).

The system was also equipped with an internal notification system for students and teachers, tool to create dynamic forms and other mechanisms meant to simplify the whole process of preparing a recital.

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