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U project

  • Design
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • React.js
U project (U Multi-touch Whiteboard) is an interactive app built for Digitaria International, headquartered in Luxembourg, company specializing in satellite telecommunications and multimedia software platforms.

The U project is an educational application funded by EU institutions, like Lux Innovation and European Space Agency, to improve and explore new learning models (such as interactive multi-touch whiteboard) to teach sciences in Primary and Secondary School.

U project is focused on User, hence the name "U". The purpose of the app was to fill in the gaps of existing e-learning platforms. To make it happen, we created a software-hardware-networking platform that facilitates content distribution and teacher vs students interactions via Multi Touch Interactive Whiteboards supporting up to 10 touches simultaneously.

The scope of work involved a development of HTML5 app that provides teachers with the possibility to draw, sketch, import media like images and videos, and interact with them using multi-touch gestures.

What makes the app even more interesting is the technology stack used. An app is fueled with with React.js & Redux, ES6 JavaScript, Fabric.js, Websockets‬ enabling real-time communication, XMPP server (including MUC extension) and Kurento WebRTC server. Final application is running in NW.js wrapper.

Case study

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