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Year after year we are announced a leading software development company that deliver the best digital products for their clients.

The most credible industry review platforms named Merixstudio as Top Web Development Agency in the World.

Symfony-related services for our clients:

  • Custom Symfony software and web applications tailored for your needs
  • Extending your infrastructure with microservices
  • Providing reusable bundles for your applications
  • Providing APIs based on the needs of your applications
  • Improving your Symfony existing applications with the best practices
  • Integrating third-party providers into your Symfony application
  • Providing Unit tests for your Symfony application
  • Symfony team augmentation

benefits of Symfony

  • huge popularity

    Symfony is among the most popular PHP frameworks supported by a large community of over 3k contributors and 600k developers. This ensures strong support and development resources.

  • commercial support

    Symfony is one of the very few frameworks supported commercially by SensioLabs. This guarantees its solid support and continuous improvement (e.g. Symfony 4.0 is considered three times faster than preceding versions)

  • quick prototyping

    Symfony provides numerous standalone components and out-of-the-box solutions which allows producing code faster and reducing time and cost of development.

  • enterprise suitability

    The Symfony framework is well-known for being very flexible and suitable for building enterprise applications that handle billions of connections.

why merixstudio?

  • Full-stack. Since 1999

  • 250+ clients worldwide

  • 120+ expert-level talents

  • Trusted by top VC-backed startups

our Symfony-fuelled projects

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The all-in-one marketing platform
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Clients are saying

CEO @ Up Your eGame
"They aren't just an outsourced development team; rather, it's more of a partnership."
David Zinneman
CEO @ Up Your eGame
Co-Founder @ Walaro Software
“Merixstudio doesn’t need to be micromanaged and acts more as a partner rather than a one-off vendor. “
Jonas Ekegren
Co-Founder @ Walaro Software
Founder and CEO @ Humanitrack
“They have a strong balance of professionalism, talent, communication, and friendliness.”
Maxwell Hartman
Founder and CEO @ Humanitrack

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