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We’ve got a proven PHP Developers who are scared neither of custom apps nor complex websites

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  • The Merixstudio developers displayed strong technical acumen and were able to successfully deliver our event calendar.

    Tunde Giwa / CTO, The Juilliard School, New York

  • Whole collaboration was based on partnership and transparent communication what was very helpful on each stage of the project.

    Jacek Weichert / Product Manager, Allegro Group, Poland

Looking for a team that will tackle your PHP needs?

Since 1999 our team has been helping many Clients across the globe. We love challenges.

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  • Rich experience

    16 years in digital business

    45 specialists

    49 awards & recognitions

    154 clients from 17 countries

  • Competencies


    MySQL / Postgre SQL

    Zend Framework

    Symfony Framework

  • High quality

    Dedicated Quality Assurance

    Modern browsers support

    Responsive Web Design

    W3C standards and Web Accessibility

  • Great possibilities

    Custom CMS

    Intranet / Extranet systems

    Advanced web applications

    Complex websites

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Do you want to develop a complex web project with PHP?

For those of you out of the picture, PHP is the most popular object-oriented programming language used in the development of dynamic web applications. It’s a part of a really popular LAMP stack (Linux Apache MySQL PHP), which is suitable for creating modern, sophisticated web systems (services / applications / intranet).

PHP is on par with other “serious” server-side programming languages like .Net, Python or Java. A huge developers’ community and numerous ready-to-use scripts are undoubtedly one of the merits of PHP. Additionally, many modern frameworks such as Zend, Symfony, Laravel or Magento as well as CMS (WordPress or Drupal) are based on this language. Finally, PHP is widely supported by hosting companies due to its popularity.

Do you want your web project to be a great mix of awesome-looking, user friendliness and dynamic functional system using PHP frameworks? Kickstart your business in quick time with the power of PHP with our assistance. Merixstudio’s talented PHP Developers build excellent websites and web applications with PHP open source technology.

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