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Laravel is a trending PHP open-source framework that offers standardized MVC-based process of building fast, modularized and scalable applications. It is the most star-gazed PHP Framework on Github with more than 35k developers from all over the world and almost 500 Github contributors.

Why is Laravel so popular? Top PHP developers appreciate it for its expressive and beautiful syntax as well as numerous in-built functionalities, for instance, eye-catchy template designs, object-relational mapping, an inbuilt security algorithm, easy migration along with unit-testing, route-caching, and authentication. Laravel is also capable of managing heavy traffic and load-resistance of the websites.

As regards built-in and optional packages, Laravel provides a set of tools supporting online SaaS businesses and facilitating its integration with 3rd party services such as Stripe, Bootstrap 4.0, invoice generation and team authentication. There is a fair list of ready-to-use bundles offered by Laravel through Composer and Packagist, e.g. Socialite - simplified mechanisms for authentication with various OAuth providers (Facebook, Google, GitHub, etc.); Flysystem - offering easy to use drivers for working with local filesystems, Amazon S3, and Rackspace Cloud Storage. Laravel is suitable for developing highly diversified and robust software projects due to its accessibility and power - it also provides a ubiquity of tools required for large and high-traffic applications.

At Merixstudio, we proved it when Laravel developers built developing powerfull Laravel-fuelled e-commerce platforms e.g. a leading Danish marketplace for design classics that handles 24k users’ visits monthly.

benefits of Laravel

  • large community

    supported by a worldwide community of over 35 thousands of developers.

  • extensive documentation

    Laravel is well documented which allows getting you up-to-speed time-efficiently.

  • in-built functionalities

    Short turnaround time owing to numerous in-built functionalities.

  • versitality

    Suitable for both small-scale and large software applications.

why merixstudio?

  • Full-stack. Since 1999

  • Digital product design & development

  • Agile battle-tested team

  • Fast delivery & team scale-up

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A leading Danish marketplace for design classics
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Clients are saying

CEO @Up Your eGame
‘They aren't just an outsourced development team; rather, it's more of a partnership.`
David Zinneman
CEO @Up Your eGame
Co-Founder @ Walaro Software
“Merixstudio doesn’t need to be micromanaged and acts more as a partner rather than a one-off vendor. “
Jonas Ekegren
Co-Founder @ Walaro Software
Founder and CEO @ Humanitrack
“They have a strong balance of professionalism, talent, communication, and friendliness.”
Maxwell Hartman
Founder and CEO @ Humanitrack

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