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Are you looking for Python / Django Developers who build great digital products?

Merixstudio’s Django Team is able to handle the toughest tasks!

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  • The Merixstudio developers displayed strong technical acumen and were able to successfully deliver our event calendar.

    Tunde Giwa / CTO, The Juilliard School, New York

  • My experience is that Merix is very professional, high skilled, service minded and have a well-structured project/service delivery methodology which empower them to deliver as of the scope, on time and at agreed cost.

    Per Eric Johansen / Plania, Norway

Looking for a team that will tackle your Django needs?

Since 1999 our team has been helping many Clients across the globe. We love challenges.

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  • Rich experience

    16 years in digital business

    45 specialists

    49 awards & recognitions

    154 clients from 17 countries

  • Competencies




    Solr / Elasticsearch


  • High quality

    Dedicated Quality Assurance

    Modern browsers support

    Responsive Web Design

    W3C standards and Web Accessibility

  • Great possibilities

    Web portals and vortals

    Social networking services

    Internal applications designed for companies working in the extranet

    Applications on demand, like CMSs or CRMs

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why is Django a good web framework choice?

Django is a modern open-source framework based on object-oriented programming language – Python. Thanks to its modular structure it allows for a quick creation of websites and their further development.  It focuses on the quality and simplicity. Django and Python can be implemented in both simple and complex websites. Therefore, the greatest emphasis is put on the quality, efficiency, the speed of development and the simplicity of expanding the project. In a nutshell, Django is a Python framework that makes many things much easier.

If you are planning to implement a complex website in Django, Merixstudio will be a right choice. Our Django Developers focused on building the best Django/Python websites and apps in the world. We deliver world-class services and tool for Django CMS that kickstart your web project.

We’re flexible, fast and collaborative. Merixstudio’s Django Developers build software, using agile methodology, develop a Django-based high-value experience that will meet your needs.


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