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Jan. 22, 2019

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The Creative Side of Technology #25 - Biweekly Digest

Patrycja Matuszak-Jastak

January is all about expert's assumptions concerning technology trends, that will steal our hearts in a given year. The last edition of 'The Creative Side of Technology' was devoted to the development-related ideas, in this issue we focus on what's going on in the vast realm of design.

What to expect in particular?

  • Web Design Trends in 2019 - what ideas will grab our attention?
  • B2B Sales in 2019 - what will it look like in the near future?
  • CES 2019 outcomes - what are the most significant takeaways?

The beginning of the year is also a hot season for planning investments. That's especially true when it comes to custom software development. Both startups and enterprises need to decide whether to build a digital product on their own or seek external support. And here is when Mike Lisewski's insightful analysis comes with help. 


Battle Of Trends In Web Design 2019
Even though most of the current trends are driven by similar fuels like progressing mobile revolution or user-centered approach, they solve problems in a different way. Which one will gain an advantage in 2019 fights? 

Powerful Image Analysis With Google Cloud Vision And Python
Annual trends report made by UX Collective is a holistic analysis of UX Design as a discipline: the tools designers use, the methods they apply every day, and how the community is responsible for what’s happening in the world around us. Check it out. 

The State of UX In 2019 — The Big Picture
To attract more brands to YouTube video site, Google LLC is launching new ad formats that will let users engage in interactive content and even make purchases without leaving the platform at any point of time. 

The 5 Biggest Takeaways From CES 2019
The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has come and gone - now it's time to digest everything the show had to offer and check out what trends will shape the year ahead in technology.

The Future of B2B Sales [Video]
Digital transformation affects every business sector. Craig Rosenberg, co-founder and chief analyst at Topo, shares his perspective about what B2B sales will look like in the future.

How Companies Get Creativity Right (and Wrong) [Podcast]
Beth Comstock, vice chair at General Electric, thinks companies often approach innovation the wrong way, e.g. they either try to throw money at the problem before it has a clear market. What does she recommend to do it right?

E-books & Reports  📝

Top Tech Trends In 2019 [Report]
Technology is now central to every industry — from healthcare administration to gaming sector to hospitality. We look at the top tech trends poised to reshape industries in 2019. Get an insightful 57-page report.

Expert's Point of View 🔎

'Limited talent pool in the greatest tech hubs like London, Berlin, and New York, results in astronomical fees from the recruitment agencies. External costs like taxes, insurance policies or office spaces put a question mark nearby the whole concept of traditional, full-time hiring. How to deal with it?'

The Real Cost Of Hiring A Software Engineer | Mike Lisewski
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