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Dec. 4, 2018

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The Creative Side of Technology #22 - Biweekly Digest

Patrycja Matuszak-Jastak

2019 is approaching very fast. We can only imagine what new in the world of design, development and startups it will bring. But if we listen carefully to what the experts say, it is pretty sure that next year we will be fed up of names of some technologies. Which ones? You will find the answer in the 22nd edition of The Creative Side of Technology.

In this issue, glance at:

  • Machine Learning & Startups - how to apply ML to the startup business model and why it is worth doing? 
  • Technology & Enterprises - how can large enterprises transform their businesses in the digital age? [video
  • Blockchain & Women - what are the barriers for women entering the blockchain field and how to break them [podcast]

If you plan to work on a digital product, it’s worth to consider reading an article by Luiza Sadowska, who answered the questions why UX design is important, how to work with product design and why you should do it with the same team of specialists.


Machine Learning For A Startup: 10 Things You Should Know
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are more and more popular in a startup world, first of all, because they can really help the business and secondly, make it look special and fresh. Before applying it to the business model, take a look at the list of really must-known facts about Machine Learning

Personalization Cloud: The Future Of UX Moves With Python Coded Tools
Machine learning is contaminating every industry and web development is a big focus in the matter. Website personalization is, indeed, adopting Python-coded tools in order to optimise conversion rates and the overall UX.

Top 5 Tools To Optimize Conversion On Your Website
Designing a website that your visitors love is a wish coming true. Without checking how the new design will influence the conversion rate, often it is a waste of time and money. Check out the tools which can help in conversion optimization.

5 Technologies you'll get sick of hearing about in 2019 [Video]
ZDNet's Larry Dignan and CNET/CBS News' Dan Patterson outline the technologies that will head to the hype stratosphere in 2019. Buckle up.

Rethinking technology at large enterprises [Video]
Web Summit 2018: Modernising corporate IT means correcting the sins of the past to invigorate and innovate in the future. Procter & Gamble's CTO Alan Boheme draws on his wealth of experience to explore how large enterprises can transform their businesses in the digital age.

Why Aren’t There More Women In Blockchain? [Podcast]
The cryptocurrency industry has so far followed the trend in tech of being dominated by men. Women want to change that.

E-books & Reports 📝

Six ways to help your IT staff learn the business (E-book)
To deliver the best service to the organization, your IT staff needs to understand how the business works. This ebook offers six practical suggestions for helping your IT team become more business savvy.

Expert's Point of View 🔎

'You might find independent freelancers or other software house and ask for each part of the app to be made by another person/team. However, if you have in mind time and budget principals, having one software house is not only a wiser choice but also a less stressful experience.'

Why should you keep product design in a one software house? | Luiza Sadowska
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