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Feb. 1, 2019

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Hello 2019, hello new adventures for our software house!

Aleksandra Przybylska

Time to take a closer look at the first month of 2019! We started the year with plenty of both new and old ventures. We ordered too much food, welcomed people in our office, participate in some events, and much more - check out the summary to find out!

Dev College - combining both old and new formats

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#DevCollege is going strong! At the moment in our office, one of the groups is learning about #qualityassurance with Dorota and @a_dozen_beans, while the other is advancing their #frontend skills with Mateusz while working with #react, #redux, and #nextjs. And a big, well-deserved shout out to the attendees for wanting to go out and learn something regardless the not-so-cozy weather - you guys rock! . . . #workshop #programmingworkshops #qa #frontenddevelopment #devcollegecombo #levelup #learning #saturday #webdeveloper #office #officelife #happy #webdev #programming #programmer #developer #websitedesign #programmerslife💻 #programmerslife #coding #poznan #poland #merixstudio #ITindustry

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With the rise of 2019 came the return of Dev College, our whole-day event for people eager to learn more about the world of web development. While for quite some time we focused primarily on Dev Colege Combo, which combines both workshops and presentations, this year we also decided to add the “traditional” Dev College events to the “combo” ones. You see, when we started them a couple of years ago in the previous office, Dev College consisted only of one whole-day workshop. In 2019 we want to organize both of those formats, so prepare to soon see plenty of announcements, both on our Facebook page and Dev College group!

This particular Dev College was dedicated to frontend developers and quality assurance specialists. The first workshop focused on app development with the use of React, Redux, and next.js and was conducted by Mateusz, head of our frontend development team. The second workshop, on the other hand, was conducted by the team of two members of our QA Team, Dorota and Agnieszka, who talked about both the theory and practice of working as a tester. While the event was significantly smaller than the usual combo one, after many hours of mental effort we all stayed a little bit at the end to munch on some pizza and chat. After all, mental work is hard work and you need to relax a little afterward!

Sprinting to the best User Experience

This month Maria, Team Leader of our Product Design department, left us for a whole week. Luckily she didn’t want to leave us because she was fed up with our shenanigans, but rather to collaborate with one of our clients. Delodi, a Berlin-based web/mobile application development company, wanted to join work together to organize Google Design Sprint for one of their partners. We were not surprised to find out that Maria knocked it out of the park and not only dazzled everyone with her knowledge but also with her kind nature and creativity. Good job!

Let me tell you about my job!

New year doesn’t mean that we will stop working on the resolution from 2018! One of those resolutions was, of course, to attend interesting events related to our industry. In January it meant taking part in the second edition of Kariera Developera Poznań.

Miłosz and Mateusz, Heads of Development, talked about what they know best - backend and frontend development. Dorota, QA Team Leader, shared her knowledge of testing. Last but definitely not least, UX Designer Kasia shared her User Experience expertise and from what we know gather plenty of people afterward that wanted to ask her some additional questions. So, as you can see for one day we took over the Plus Jeden space! Big thank you to Coders Lab, the biggest IT school in the country, for inviting us!

Shhh, the movie is starting!

As you may already know, for our software house it’s very important to spend some time together and do anything but work. That’s why we decided to put our big Bułgarska and its projector room to good use and started a movie club! Every other week our group will meet up after work, have some snacks, and watch a good (or not good but still fun!) movie. The first screening we did we went a little ambitious and watched Roma, but judging by the growing list of titles, there’s plenty of B rated movie fans in our club so we won’t stay so classy for a long time. And what better way to integrate people than to laugh yourself into stitches together!

Pizza a day will keep the sadness away

January, with its cold weather and short days, can be quite a cruel month. Some (not so) scientific sources even say that this month contains a day that’s the saddest, most depressing day of the year. Yup, I’m talking about Blue Monday! And while we’re not so keen on believing the science behind it, we for sure don’t want to miss the opportunity for making ourselves happy! That’s why this month we decided to better be safe than sorry and on January 21st we ordered a tower of pizzas to keep us warm and content. Why tower, you ask? Well, when stacked, the pizza boxes were higher than some people from our office - after all, you need plenty of dough to feed 80 people!

Let's stay safe, kids!

This month we officially introduced Django Trench, our open-source library that provides multi-factor authentication for Django. We’ve worked over 700 hours (here's the documentation) and are nowhere near stopping! However, since it went public we wanted to tell you a bit more about it, hence the article. In it Bartek provided a step-by-step tutorial that describes how you can add new authentication backend in django-trench. Check it out - it’s really cool!


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